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For the purposes of these Terms of Business (hereinafter, “Terms”), “us” or “we” shall refer to and “you” shall refer to you, our customer. You have requested that we undertake certain works for you and, by allowing us to proceed with those works, you are indicating your agreement to the terms set out below.


Client Obligations

      1. if you and we agree that you will be responsible for providing the measurements for some or all of the materials and/or products needed for the works, you alone will bear the cost of replacing the said materials and/or products in the event the measurements are incorrect;
      2. if you and we agree that you will be responsible for providing some or all of the materials and/or products needed for the works, you alone will bear the cost of replacement in the event the said materials and/or products turn out to be faulty and/or unsuitable;
      3. you will inform us, prior to the works commencing, of any hazards or potential hazards known or suspected in or around the premises where the works are due to be carried out;
      4. you will grant us access to the premises where the works are to be carried out and will ensure that all necessary consents, permissions and licences, if any, have been obtained in advance of the works commencing;
      5. you will ensure the safe and secure storage of any materials and/or equipment left (with your permission) at the premises during the works, and will be accountable to us for any loss of or damage to such materials and/or equipment;
      6. without prejudice to 4(i) and 4(iii) below, you will (unless included as part of the quotation) be responsible for any necessary improvements to and/or redecorating of the premises following the completion of the works.
      7. adequate access to rest room facilities and clean drinking water will be made available where possible.
      8. the customer agrees to dispose of any left over waste and/or any parts and equipment that has been removed or replaced during installation or rectification.
      9. Work areas shall be clear and accessible prior to our arrival.

Supplier Obligations

      1. we will undertake the works with all due care, skill and diligence, will complete the works within a reasonable timeframe, and will ensure that we comply at all times with all applicable laws and regulations;
      2. we will supply materials and/or products needed for the works (if any) that are of high quality and, without prejudice to 3(i) above, will take full responsibility for replacing any materials and/or products that prove to be faulty or substandard;
      3. we will take good care of your property, furnishings and wall coverings and, on completion of the works, will remove any resulting waste material;
      4. we will supply one or more, as necessary, of our dedicated team to undertake the works for you. Unless agreed otherwise, the person(s) supplied will be at our discretion and may or may not be the same as the person(s) who provided you with the original estimate and/or quote;
      5. we confirm that we hold, and will continue to hold, a valid and current Public Liability Insurance Policy and, where relevant, Employers Liability Insurance Policy.

The shipping of your purchase will in every case be free of charge (unless agreed otherwise) and be fulfilled by us on the pre arranged date of installation. If there was an unexpected delay in shipping your item we would contact you directly on the number provided at checkout with an updated estimated time of arrival. We are responsible for the condition of all purchases up until the point of delivery, installation & handover.

Billing & Payment

All payments shall be made as agreed or as outlined outlined in your written quotation. Payment can be made via debit/credit card (facilitated by Square), Paypal & Kanda. Payment made via any of our payment providers will be subject to their terms and conditions which you may find at there respective web adresses.

Materials and Products

For the avoidance of doubt, all materials and/or products supplied and delivered to you during the course of the works shall remain the property of us, until such time as the works have been paid for in full by you, following receipt of our invoice. Title to such materials and/or products will transfer to you only when full payment has been received by us.


We assume that your existing installation is fully operational and in a state of adequate repair. In such circumstances whereby this is not the case or where the installation does not meet current guidelines (as set out by BS7671 & local government) and minimum regulations work may not not be able to proceed and/or additional works may be required. In such an event occuring we will provide you with a quotation for the additional works which you are not obligated to accept.


As an accredited electrical contractor approved by a third party governing body we have specific standards and procedures we must follow. We are required to carry out checks of your installation prior to proceeding with the new installation. These include but are not exclusive of checking main earth bonding and confirming suitability of existing installation for works to be carried out. In the event of non compliance further work may need to be carried out by a contractor of your choosing.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be held liable for any delay or failure in fulfilling their obligations under these Terms where such delay or failure results from circumstances beyond that party’s control (including, but not limited to, an act of God, fire, act of government or state, prevention from or hindrance in obtaining any raw materials, energy or other supplies, industrial action or labour disputes of whatever nature, and any other reason beyond the control of that party). We shall endeavour to meet booking times provided however we operate to a mandatory two hour buffer period from the time applied.


Should you wish to cancel the contract between us in respect of the works, you have (in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Contract Regulations 2013) service dependant timings  in which to do so following your booking being accepted. You are obligated to pay for any cost’s incurred during the time from booking to cancellation. If cancellation occurs during your 14 day cooling off period we will re-imburse you in full less any cost’s we may have incurred such as delivery fee’s etc.

Booking Times

Although we endeavour to meet all our quoted time slots as booked, external circumstances can impede on the delivery of such timescales. We ask for a two hour margin of safety from the quoted time to allow for these external influences.

Product Description

We will do our utmost to describe goods and services to the best of our abilities. In the rare case you are unsatisfied or misinterpreted such description we will do our best to come to an amicable agreement with the customer which will enumerate both parties.


All deposits/balances are payable before works commence and all remaining balances are payable immediately upon completion. Our employees all carry card readers and have been permitted to accept cash on the company’s behalf. Failure to pay will result in a chain of actions that will after 7 days result in our lawyers being notified and legal proceedings being prompted. Online payments are subject to third party terms and conditions. Any payment provider we use will be recognised and vetted by the financial conduct authority. In circumstances where payment is being handled by a third party we expect all required paperwork to be completed at latest by work completion.

Landlord Payments

Invoices are will be made payable within five working days of the installation. Only after full payment has been acquired shall any relevant certification or documents be handed over to the client.


We may ask for a deposit payment to safe guard your booking prior to any tradesperson arriving on site. Deposits are fully refundable prior to the product cancellation policy after which any cost’s and loss of earnings are deducted from the payment before being returned.


Any subscription taken by you for a service we provide will comply fully with these terms. Failure to pay your subscription amount at the times they fall due will result in your package being cancelled within a two week period. If you would like to cancel you can do so by contacting us directly either by phone or email.


We hope and expect that you will have no cause to complain about any aspect of our service. If, however, there is anything at any point that does not meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will do our utmost to make things right. In the event of a complaint please contact us by phone or email. All complaints will be registered and stored in our internal complaints log.


We provide a 90 day workmanship warranty on all services other than renewable technologies which are 24 months. Please refer to manufacturers product related warranty policy for any products purchased. If after the workmanship warranty expiration a product shall become faulty a new charge (subject to your prior approval) shall be applied to the services provided to rectify such problem. The rate applied will be our hourly rate at the time of contact.

Waste Disposal

Any electrical waste incurred as a result of the product or service will be the clients responsibilty to dispose of. All waste will be broken down and placed in bags ready for landfill/recycling. In rare circumstances we may oblige in the facilitation of waste removal however this will be charged at £9.99 per large refuse carrier, payable by the client.


Upon completion of works we will provide a handover pack. The handover pack will consist of electrical certification, DNO notifications, quotes, invoices, product datasheets, product warranties and our own warranty certificate.


You may be provided with projections on expected paybacks on electrical generating technologies or finance. These projections are relate to a certain example that will always be in writing either on our website or in a written document to yourself. Finance projections are will be based upon a singlular projection which will be visible to you however, finance applications are handled by a third party and the rate and payback period will be one which you have agreed with the third party provider.

Installation Standard

Whenever we carry out an installation the standard will follow all local and national legislation in rspect to that technology wether independently accreditated or not.

Kanda is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Kanda. Kanda is a trading style of Kanda Products & Services Ltd, Forward House, 17 High Street, Henley-in-Arden, B95 5AA, registered in England (11330964), authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (firm reference number 920795). Kanda is acting as a credit broker offering finance products from a panel of lenders Credit is subject to status.

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