Questions we get asked a lot.

All of the most popular questions we are asked are all laid out below to make your life easier. Do you have a question yourself? click here to ask one of our team.

What would cause a circuit breaker to keep tripping?

There may be various reasons why a circuit breaker would trip. The most likely cause we find is usually a kitchen appliance however it is advisable to have an electrician check as it could be your homes circuity or wiring.

Why would I have my electrics checked?

Electrical installations age and decay. Over time insulation becomes brittle which can be a fire risk. There are also many safety updates that add up over the years.

What areas do you cover?

Our electricians currently cover South & North Lanarkshire as well as parts of West Lothian.

Will I know an exact arrival time?

We call all our customers when on route to your appointment or in the rare case we are running late.

Do your smoke detectors comply with new Scottish legislation?

All the smoke detectors we install comply with the new Scottish regulations and have sealed lithium-ION batteries and are radio interlinked.

Do you conceal cables?

We conceal cables in line with the 18th edition wiring regulations and to suit the customer’s needs.

What is your response time to emergencies?

Our average response time is under 60 minutes.

Will you install equipment I provide?

We would rather provide the equipment to ensure its quality but we can install customer supplied equipment when required.

When is the right time to upgrade my old fuse box?

Visible damage or deterioration. Age of the system, any known faults and lack of an RCD.

Can you install white goods?

Yes, we can install white goods such as fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers etc.

What happens if the job runs over?

When you have supplied a booking time that falls short you will move onto the next billable slot.

What manufacturers do you use?

There is too many to name them all but Hager, FuseBox and MK are a few of manufacturers we use regularly.

How do I start to assess my electrics?

Always start with an EICR report. Much like a car MOT it will clearly show you what the condition of the installation is.