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Portable appliance testing (PAT).

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Ensure that all your fixed and portable appliances are free from electrical faults and that nobody can be hurt or injured through there continued use with PAT testing.

Availability: Monday to Saturday, 9AM to 8PM.
Currently operating in West Lothian, South & North Lanarkshire.

Covid-19 safe Installation.

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    Insurance compliant

    Many people don’t realise that their insurance is invalid without having portable appliance testing carried out on their workspace appliances.


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    Logbook provided

    Once we have tested all your appliances, we will provide you with a log book via email so that you know exactly when your appliances need tested again.

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    Certified up to 5 years

    Our reports verify the safety of your appliances for up to five years from the test date and can be used to provide proof to a governing body or third party.


    Products you know

    We only use trusted, known brands. Ensuring a quality, lasting job each & every single time.


    Easy booking

    You choose a date & time that suits you and we’ll be there. Always keeping you updated.


    Flexible payment

    Pay in three installments, in 30 days time or straight away. Payment’s never been this easy.




    PAT testing is an essential safety test all homeowners and businesses should carry out regularly to ensure the appliance is safe to use. Electric shock and risk of fire are very real occurrences that can happen when an electrical appliance is faulty. PAT testing is a quick and cost-effective process that only has to be carried out every two years (appliance dependant) and guarantees you stay compliant with your insurance companies polices.

    Testing Report

    Report times.

    It will take one hour per every 20 appliances to carry your PAT testing.

    PAT Testing can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 12 hours before selected booking time.

    Appointment times are the start of a two hour window. Engineers will call before arrival and keep you updated throughout the day.


    For best results access should be made available to all electrical equipment, ideally equipment gathered and brought to one location.

    What's Included

    Full testing & inspection of appliances (unless there is operational limitations).

    Detailed PAT test log book.

    Client walkthrough of results.

    Passed & failed appliance stickers with renewal dates.

    Indication of cost's & timescales for any advisories/failures.

    Customer demonstration.


    Q. Will the power be off?

    A. no, the power will only be off to an individual appliance at any given time.

    Q. Can I give my insurance the report?

    A. Yes, our reports are recognised by insurance companies.

    Q. What happens when an appliance fails?

    A. We will place a failed sticker onto the appliance and remove the fuse so it cannot be used. The entry will be added to the log book. The appliance may be repaired and re-tested.

    Q. Do you repair faulty appliances.

    A. Our professional engineers carry common equipment such as plug tops, fuses and switched outlets for repairs on the day at a small additional cost. See below for prices.

    Q. When will the log book be provided?

    A. We issue your log book via email immediately upon completion.

    Q. How often do I need to have PAT testing carried out?

    A. It fully depends on the appliance & location but in general it is every two to five years that PAT testing carried out?

    Equipment & installation cost.

    • Plug top - £4.99
    • Fuses - £0.99
    • Switched outlets - £9.99
    • Cable repairs - £4.99


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