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Hager dual RCD consumer unit – with installation.

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Upgrade your old fuseboard to an 18th edition Hager dual RCD consumer unit with surge protection provided as standard.

Note: A electrical installation condition report (EICR) must be carried out prior to installation. Consumer unit pictured is for illustration purposes only and final size may vary.

Availability: Monday to Saturday, 9AM to 8PM.
Currently operating in West Lothian, South & North Lanarkshire.

Covid-19 safe Installation.

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    Safest technology

    Technology changes constantly and so does the parts that protect it and your home. When we install a new fuseboard it will always come loaded with the latest/best safety devices.


    Scotland based web designer planning project

    Surge protection

    We include surge protection devices as standard on every fusebox we install. This guarantees your homes appliances are protected from lightning strikes and sudden electrical surges.


    Scotland based web designer planning project

    10 year certificate

    Once your new fusebox is installed and our rigorous checks have been carried out we will issue a 10 year electrical installation certificate which you can provide your homes insurer with.

    Products you know

    We only use trusted, known brands. Ensuring a quality, lasting job each & every single time.


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    You choose a date & time that suits you and we’ll be there. Always keeping you updated.


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    Upgrade your old inefficient and sometimes dangerous fuse board to a new Hager consumer unit and receive our comprehensive 10-year electrical certificate as provided with all new electrical installations. No longer will you have to wire a fuse in the middle of the night when a light blow’s or worry about your homes electrical safety. The new metal, fire rated consumer units we install are 18th edition compliant and are designed for ease of use. Our professional electricians will educate you on how to work your new installation before leaving your property.



    Installation times 

    • One bedroom home - 3 hours 30 minutes
    • Two bedroom home - 4 hours
    • Three bedroom home - 5 hours
    • Four bedroom home - 5 hours 30 minutes
    • Five bedroom home - 6 hours
    • Off peak heating - 2 hours 30 minutes
    • Garage or outbuilding - 2 hours

    Installation can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 12 hours before selected booking time.

    Appointment times are the start of a two hour window. Engineers will call before arrival and keep you updated throughout the day.


    A valid electrical installation condition report (EICR) carried out by myhomehero in the last 6 months.

    Working area clear of belongings & clutter.

    What's Included

    Expert professional Installation.

    Hager consumer unit - individualised to properties specific needs.

    Residual current device (RCD) x2 & MCB's. Main switch for garage/outbuilding- individualised to properties specific needs.

    Surge protection device (not on garage or outbuilding)

    25mm flexible meter tails to consumer unit (not on garage or outbuilding).

    Electrical schematics  & warning labels.

    One year workmanship warranty on services provided. Product warranty as per manufacturer's terms & conditions.

    Customer demonstration.


    Hager High Integrity Consumer Unit + Surge Protection.

    Conforms to BS EN 61439-3 Including Annex ZB (16kA rating).

    Featuring an integral Type 2 Surge Protection Device, the Hager VML908CUSPD is fully 18th Edition compliant and negates the need for a risk assessment.

    It is High Integrity, offering fully configurable ways arranged over three separate banks of circuits.

    It is supplied complete with 1 x 100A mains switch and 2 x 100A RCDs.

    Fitted with three neutral bars it allows for two banks of RCD protected MCBs and up to four RCBO protected ways for critical circuits.


    Q. Can I relocate my old fuseboard to another location?

    A. Yes, this is possible but it is substantial work and does not fit into the fixed price model we operate from.

    Q. Can I have my EICR done on the same day?

    A. No, we prefer not to do this as if there is any remedial work required this would need done prior to installing your new consumer unit.

    Q. Will the power be off?

    A. Yes, we will have the power off for the majority of your installation.

    Q. What is the difference between the Hager and Fusebox options?

    A. The Hager consumer unit has two RCD's where as the Fusebox has RCBO's on every circuit which offers increased longevity & safety.

    Q. Why do I need an EICR carried out first?

    A. We carry out EICR's before installing consumer units as any problems on the existing installation may cause problems for the more sensitive equipment being installed as part of the new one.


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