Aico Ei603RF heat detector.


The regulations in Scotland are changing. As of February 2022, all homes and business must meet the new regulations which you can view for yourself here.

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Mess free installation.

No cables to run means no mess. With all the detectors we install being powered by lithium-ion batteries we can guarantee there will vbe no cleaning required.

10 year sealed lithium batteries.

All the detectors we install come with ten year tamper proof lithium-ion batteries meaning you never have to change a battery in the detectors lifetime.

Scottish regulation compliant.

The changeover date is coming fast. By February 2022 all homes and businesses in Scotland will have to comply with the new regulations. Are you prepared yet?

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Scottish regulation compliant.

Are your detectors compliant?

Any smoke, heat or C02 detector we install will comply with the new Scottish regulations. All devices are radio interlinked with a 10-year tamper proof lithium-ion battery.

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Nice, clean installations.

No more unsightly trunking.

We only install 10-year sealed lithium-ion battery detectors meaning there is no need to run any cables putting an end to eye catching trunking on walls and ceilings.

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Smart technology built in.

Detectors that communicate.

Part of the new regulations state that all detectors should talk to one another. This means that if one detector is activated then they all emit sound. Guaranteeing you hear it wherever in the house you may be.


The date for installing compliant detectors is coming up fast. Ensure you are compliant with our range of premium quality detectors that will last for the maximum 10-year period they can be in use for. We only recommend premium quality detectors to ensure false alarms are kept to a minimum. If you are unsure on exactly which detectors you need you can contact us 0800 464 7370 where a member of the team can help advise you.

Installation time.

15 minutes.

What’s Included?

Aico Ei603RF heat detector.


Alarm syncing.

Alarm test.

Product Description.

Ei603RF RadioLINK+ Battery Heat Alarm.

Battery powered with a sealed in lithium battery.

10-year life.

Uses built-in RadioLINK+ technology for interconnection and data extraction.

Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products.


Q. What detectors do I require?

A. The new regulations state a C02 detector is required everywhere there is a fuel burning appliance. A smoke detector is required in ventilation spaces and main living areas. Finally, a heat detector is required for the kitchen area.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. Currently we cover South Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire and West Lothian.

Q. Do the batteries require changing?

A. No, the batteries are sealed units which cannot be changed but they are designed to last the length of the detectors lifetime.

Q. Do the detectors require ongoing checks?

A. It is advisable to check that the detectors are functioning as they should be once a month. This can be done by yourself by pressing the test button on the detector.

Q. How long do the detectors last?

A. The detectors last 10-years after which they will require replacing.