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Aico detector bundle – with installation.


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This detector bundle will get your homes fire safety up to spec. It includes two optical smoke alarms, one heat detector & one C0 detector. All detectors meet the Scottish regulations effective from February 2022.

Availability: Monday to Saturday, 9AM to 8PM.
Currently operating in West Lothian, South & North Lanarkshire.

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    Any smoke, heat or C02 detector that we install will comply with the latest regulations local to you. The current update being from February 2022.


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    Our full detector range are wireless, battery operated detectors. A sealed 10 year lithium-ion battery allows us to ensure for a mess free installaton.

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    5 year warranty

    The extensive five year warranty offered by Aico on their alarm products along with hassle free replacement ensures a peace of mind investment.


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    We only use trusted, known brands. Ensuring a quality, lasting job each & every single time.


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    You choose a date & time that suits you and we’ll be there. Always keeping you updated.


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    Ensure you are compliant with the latest fire safety regulations with our range of premium quality detectors that will last for the maximum 10-year period they can be in use for. We only recommend premium quality detectors to ensure false alarms are kept to a minimum. The latest requirements ask for 1 smoke detector in the main living space, 1 smoke detector on each landing of circulation spaces, 1 heat alarm in the kitchen and finally, a C02 detector for every carbon fuelled heating appliance.


    Installation will be completed in under 60 minutes.

    Appointment times are the start of a two hour window. Engineers will call before arrival and keep you updated throughout the day.


    Access routes to be accessible with no obstacles.

    What's Included

    Aico Ei650RF smoke detector x2.

    Aico Ei603RF heat detector x1.

    Aico Ei208WRF C0 detector x1.


    Alarm syncing.

    Alarm testing.

    One year workmanship warranty on services provided. Product warranty as per manufacturer's terms & conditions.

    Customer demonstration.


    Ei650RF, Ei603RF & Ei208WRF RadioLINK+ Battery Optical Alarm.

    Battery powered with a sealed in lithium battery.

    10-year life.

    Uses built-in RadioLINK+ technology to interconnect and for data extraction.

    Connects wirelessly with all other Aico wireless interconnection products.


    Q. What detectors do I require?

    A. The new regulations state a C02 detector is required everywhere there is a fuel burning appliance. A smoke detector is required in ventilation spaces and main living areas. Finally, a heat detector is required for the kitchen area.

    Q. Do the batteries require changing?

    A. No, the batteries are sealed units which cannot be changed but they are designed to last the detectors lifetime.

    Q. Do the detectors require ongoing checks?

    A. It is advisable to check that the detectors are functioning as they should be once a month. This can be done by yourself by pressing the test button on any detector.

    Q. How long do the detectors last?

    A. The detectors last 10-years after which they will require replacing.


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