Portable Appliance Testing

Your business must have all it’s portable and fixed appliances tested at regular intervals and depending on the item can be as little as every six month’s. This is to ensure that no electrical fault has occurred on this piece of current carrying equipment, which in turn assures you and your clients of it’s safety. It is also the law and failure to do so will void any related insurances.

What is an appliance?

Quite simply, any equipment that plug’s in to a wall socket or fused connection unit need’s tested. These items can vary hugely. It could be a computer or monitor, a kettle or fridge or even power tools.

What does it generally cost?

Most company’s will charge a call out rate which will include a set amount of appliance tests within it. If you go over that amount you will be charged per item or in additional allocations. The average starting fee is around £100 for the first ten appliances with a reasonable discount applied to every item there after.

Does it take long?

PAT testing is not a long process in fact the documentation process is longer than the tests themselves. Your electrician will test each appliance individually looking at the results and condition of the appliance too determine if it passes or fails. Each appliance will only take a couple minutes to test so the overall time can be broken down by how many appliances need tested.

How often do I need my appliances tested?

Some appliances need tested every six months with some needing tested every few years. You will be provided with a register which will let you know expiry dates of the certificate as well as stickers on the appliances themselves which have the expiry date on them.

If you would like to book PAT testing you can do so here.