Landlord Electrical Checks

Landlord electrical checks – What is required?

As a landlord you have a responsibility to carry out your landlord electrical checks. The landlord electrical checks required are an electrical installation condition report (EICR), portable appliance testing & fixed appliance testing (PAT testing) and visual electrical inspections. Failure

new guidelines for smoke detectors in Scotland’s home’s

New guidelines for smoke detectors in the home.

There are new regulations which have been released by the Scottish government that require all homeowners and landlords to have interlinked smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors fitted throughout the homes of Scotland. These regulations come into force in February 2021. You can see the guidance document from

Voiding your home insurance!

Accidently voiding your home insurance!

Many of us have work carried in and around our homes and don’t fully realise the potential implications. The electrical industry is one which is heavily regulated and it should come as no shock that this has implications for you, the customer. Whenever you have any work carried out by a

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What type of electric heating is best?

Electric heating

Their are many types of electric heating on the market and they vary wildly on styles and cost’s. Just some of the products on the market are:

  • Electric storage heaters
  • Infrared heating panels
  • Ceramic storage heater
  • Clay storage heaters,
  • Fan heaters
  • Oil filled radiators
  • Convector radiators
  • Electric radiators

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Portable appliance testing and your business!

Portable Appliance Testing

Your business must have all it’s portable and fixed appliances tested at regular intervals and depending on the item can be as little as every six month’s. This is to ensure that no electrical fault has occurred on this piece of current carrying equipment, which in turn assures you and your clients of